Linggo, Hulyo 19, 2015

A Note To Myself :3

Hey, Ma. Rina Jane Carpeso Ranes

1. Take good care of your health.

Never forget that you are no superwoman. You get tired everyday. Eat plenty, never skip a meal, take your vitamin, exercise, and sleep adequately.

Another is, never make it a habit of telling a lie about being okay though you know you're not. There may be times when you have to tell everybody that you are doing well and fine for the purpose of not letting them worry about you. But at the end of the day, you have to admit that you need a nap, a shoulder to lean on, or maybe a hug. You'll be fine just by that. Ü

2. Cherish your family.

Your family will always be that group of people you'll be with from conception until the day you will get old and gray. They are the ones who will not often say through words that they will stick with you through thick and thin, but surely will make you feel the most important person in the world. They might be sometimes the reason of your pain, but never forget that they are your lifetime happiness. They are the most precious and the highly important people in your life. Ü

You should often pray for them and think about nothing than making them feel loved every single day of your life and providing what they need or want. Never let a day pass without making a call or at least texting them how are they. Ease their concerns, make them laugh, scold them if you have to, encourage them, protect them, support them and love them even though they are at their worst. Ü

When you are with your family, you become the happiest person on earth. Ü

3. Protect and retain friendship.

You are blessed for having friends worthy for keep and you as worthy as their keep too. It's just amazing how God has led you to each of them in different ways and realizing how might your life is turning right now without them in the picture. Geeez. You have done the craziest things in the world and yet they're still there to stay with you. They have instantly became an extension of your biological family and you should really grateful for that.

In return, never take a friend for granted. Make them feel important to you and loved by you, say sorry if you get to hurt them, be honest enough to disclose some things you ought to, trust them with all your heart, impart quality time with them, never abandon them especially when they are in need of you, and most importantly, always pray for them. Ü

Rina, you don't need a best friend. You just need a true friend. You must be likewise unto them. Ü

4. Love your work and passion for things you love to do.

You often tell yourself and the people around you that you don't have a talent, that you are no good at almost anything, that you're a failure, and the likes. You discourage yourself so easily. Why like that, huh?

You won't be able to graduate in college if not for your hard work, dedication and perseverance. It doesn't require a student to be talented to graduate, right?

You won't be able to see yourself as a volunteer in some charities and organizations if not for your love of children, passion to help those in need, and for the immeasurable joy you feel of being able to impart your time and resources as your blessings.

Rina, some peole might have told you some descriptions of you like "suplada, mataray, strikta"'. You may not be good as some people do and you may have failed several times already. But you have a good heart (kahit papano). Never forget about that. Just continue what you love to do as long as you don't step on anyone and offer them to God. Ü

And finally...

5. Guard your heart.

Your have been to failed relationships not only once, but twice. Take those experience as a lifetime lesson, a memory to be grateful for, and an inspiration to hold on for the rest of your life. Take advantage of your fear of being in love again. It will help you a lot. Besides, you're not rushing into things right now, right? However, when time comes that God leads you to the man destined for you, you know you'll never cry because of the pain of being left again. That's a guarantee. Ü

Also, never hold grudge to those who hurt you. Instead, love them more. Being able to understand clearly a situation, no matter how a loser you may become to some people, you still rise up a winner. For by hurting, you grow. And by growing, you become stronger. Ü

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