Huwebes, Hunyo 18, 2015


            CFC- Youth for Christ marked the 7th year of Liveloud concert last June 12, 2015 at the World Trade Center Manila where roughly eleven thousand strong young spirits gathered to connect unanimously with the Lord through singing of praise and worship. The concert was themed “Tear Down Walls” inspired from the Bible reading Joshua 6: 20-21.      

            Compared to previous Liveloud concerts held, remarkable and notable miracles unfolded and emerged this year as it was the largest Liveloud attendance yet and a truly leap of faith was made possible through the use of 3D Stage Projection Mapping, a “technology used to turn objects, often irregular shaped, into a display surface for video projection” (Wiki).

            The concert begun with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist led by Rev. Fr. Jonathan Letada and concelebrated by Rev. Fr. Ruper Solis. In the homily, Fr. Solis stressed two important traits of a love that’s true. True love must be generous that one must not think of think of their welfare but for others just as like Christ did for humanity. Giving is not a necessity to love, but one cannot love without giving. Second, true love must be tangible that it must be felt through the heart. God knows our unfaithfulness and sinfulness, yet he still loves us just the same.

Just before the mass ended, Fr. Letada cheerfully expressed thanksgiving to the whole CFC community and to the parents of every YFC member for taking care of the Catholic youth of this generation.

            The mass was then immediately followed by the main highlight for the night- the Liveloud concert itself. Kuya Noli Manuel, the band and worship leader for this year’s Liveloud first delivered a very powerful exhortation by acknowledging the presence of the Lord just like the sound of the trumpet in Jericho. And so the singing begun like shouts of Israelites giving thanks to God. Lights illuminated, pleasing sounds from music instruments heard and triggered excitement, top of the lungs singing covered the whole WTC, but silence with the Lord remained in the hearts of everyone present.

            To testify that it is actually possible to tear down the walls in our lives despite the pain and betrayal, Brother JV Monzon from Cavite shared about being molested at age 15 by the person he trusted once. From there, he experienced isolation and trust issues for he was consumed by anger and brokenness. He was convinced to be living a double life and thought that he could not anymore let go. But by God’s grace, he did. He eventually realized that there were people who never left his side and never gave up on him becoming the best of himself. At point of surrender, God’s love shattered the walls in his life.

            Another sharer bravely took the stage and talked about the time when he most doubted the plans of the Lord in his life. Brother Lester Guillermo from Mindanao had almost lost his track when he found out about his father’s disloyalty in his family by having an affair with another woman. He questioned the Lord, but sooner realized that God was leading his life to where it should be. Truly, with no walls surrounding his heart, he began rebuilding relationship with his family. He surrendered and claimed that God can only best take care of his family.

            When confronted with inevitable trials and nuisances, most especially when they occur in the least expected moment in our lives, let us never submit ourselves to the yolk of slavery by sinning and eventually forget about the times when we have encountered and became happy with the Lord. Together with God and the people who love you around, you can tear down the walls that hinder you from receiving God’s never ending mercy and unconditional love. Ü


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