Lunes, Hunyo 22, 2015


            As early as 7:00 in the morning, despite the scorching heat of the sun, YFCs gathered in the open area for the morning worship to begin the second day of Love More conference which was led by Brother Patrick Elicaño from YFC Singapore. Everyone’s mood was uplifted as the exhortation was directed to the root of what real love revolution is, that is the supreme and everlasting love of God for us.
            Workshops immediately followed as one of the main highlights every YFC look up to. For this year’s ICON Love More, nine revolutionary workshops were simultaneously conducted in Surigao City, namely: Revolution of the Heart, Revolution of the Mind, Revolution of the Home, Revolution of the Spirit, Revolution of Lifestyle, Revolution for the Church, Revolution in Social Media, Revolution for the Poor, and ROCK Workshop. While those who were at the grandstand had the chance to meet with some priest for confession. Workshops ended at around 2:30 in the afternoon.
            A Holy Eucharist followed at 04:00 PM which was presided by Msgr. Edito Alcala. The homily centered on youth idealism on happiness that cannot be acquired nor be measured by anything that the world has to offer. But the kind of happiness that comes even from the weakest point in our lives yet remaining strong and having almost nothing yet hoping in the Lord.
            After dinner and few refreshments, YFCs gathered once again for the evening worship as a preparation for the anticipated two consecutive sessions.

            Session 3. Declaration of Dependence
1.   In God’s greatness we see our nothingness
God’s love is so abundant that we are humbled by what we think we are. Recognizing His presence is also acknowledging our weaknesses and nothingness.

2.   Declaration of Sinfulness
We are all called for special mission but oftentimes fall short by being inconsistent, doubtful and impulsive towards dealing with life. All we have to do is to accept and declare that we are sinners while continually being showered by the abundance of the Lord in our lives.

3.   Jesus’ Greatness Over Our Nothingness
We have an all-powerful, all-knowing and all-present God, how can we compare ourselves to that? Every day should be a chance for us to declare how great God is and live the life He entrusted to us.

4.   Declaration of Dependence
We are nothing yet we are still chosen to be loved by Him. We are weak but He remains our foundation of strength. And we sinners but He continues to invite us in reunion with Him. That is why we must always put our ultimate surrender unto God and depend our fate in His plans.

Session 4. Battle Cry Of Love
Speaker: Renjie Villafuerte

1.   God’s love moves us to love Him above all
“Yes Lord, you know that I love you” we often say. But there’s more than proclaiming how much we love the Lord We must also choose to love Him in every aspect in our lives, in words and in deed.

2.   Battle Cry of Passion
From telling the world we love the Lord comes the birth of a burning passion to know and pursue on the mission we are called to. Thus giving more essence to our personal encounter with the Lord.

3.   Battle Cry of Conversion
As we unfold a fruitful relationship with the Lord, it is but inevitable to experience temptations along the way. However, if we hold on to our cry that we love the Lord, we are always called to conversion which begins from receiving forgiveness from the Lord.

4.   Battle Cry of Holiness
As we continue to strive in fulfilling our mission and submitting ourselves to daily conversion, we are also called to be more faithful in the plans of the Lord for us like striving to grow in holiness.

A powerful praise fest then occurred and everyone was on fire to lift and clap their hands as

a manifestation of their burning passion to praise and worship the Lord. Indeed, God’s love overflows, His forgiveness so warm, His presence so touching, and His mercy so igniting. What can we ask for more? All we just have to do is to love more.

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