Miyerkules, Hunyo 17, 2015


Most of my friends in YFC community think that I begun being a part of YCOM when I wrote articles on Tune Up 2012 and EV RYC in Borongan.

Yes, technically..

However, there lies a very special story behind being a part of YCOM, a privilege as a YFC who desires to help proclaim the vastness of God's glory through putting every miracle into writing or taking photographs and videos in HD.

There is one particular person I owe this blessing. I will never cease thanking her for all the opportunity, guidance, criticism and inspiration she did and imparted with me in this advocacy.

From a poem writer in scratch papers, she was the one who encouraged my soul to post them publicly on Facebook. She was there with me from the beginning and even until now that we barely talk, still I always remember her.

More than anybody else in the YCOM Academy, she's the one I look up to. She's more than just my mentor and friend. She is my sister through thick and thin. She's the first person I think of every time I see my works are being subjected to editing and published. She's the one who inspires me all throughout and it's because of her that I don't easily give up in this passion that I chose to be in.

Thank You so much God for her existence and may she continually inspire others the way she does with me.

Naiiyak na ako. T_T

Her name is Rouella a.k.a Row Cinco.

Love you te!! ^___^

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