Biyernes, Mayo 22, 2015

Ehem xD

Last April 1, 2015, I had a short yet one of a kind pre-birthday celebration in the office. Our President called a gathering in our board room around three o'clock in the afternoon. Once we were gathered, an activity was held where every employee must describe in one word the birthday celebrant who happened to be me. Hehehe

Ms. Doretee: MASAYAHIN
Sir Ferdz: MASIPAG
Ms. Maricel: PALABATI
Sir Deal (President): SWAK

It was an honor receiving such compliments from people whom I have only met seven months ago, no matter how real or close are them to falsehood. Hehe.

My friends in Leyte know how dramatic a kind of person I am- crying like a baby, stomping my feet off the ground when pissed, shouting like crazy, and of course, I also do random calls late at night. HAHAHA

And yes, I may act very immature sometimes. But I've got friends who understand, accept, criticize for the better, and guarantee that our friendship will last for a lifetime. Ü


Huwebes, Mayo 21, 2015

Only From Papa Ü

"Ang gawin mo anak, magtitira ka para sa sarili mo. Darating ang araw na magkakapamilya ka rin anak."

"Bakit bunay la im sura anak? Huwag mo gugutumin sarili mo. Kakain ka lagi ng marami."

"Salamat anak hadi nga im gnpamalit haak anak. Mabait kang anak."

Biyernes, Mayo 8, 2015

A Daughter's Cry

That feeling of seeing my newsfeed being flooded by Happy Mother's Day greetings by my friends posting throwback pictures with their moms and heartfelt message in captions. I simply envy them because I wish I could do the same.

I hate that I have once loved my mother so much before. I hate that I have given her the kind of respect any mother deserves. And I hate myself for being trapped in a situation like this, in a dilemma I never knew could occur in my life.

All I want now is to bring back what my family has been used to. For now, that's all I really want to.

Nonetheless, Happy Mother's Day to all mothers in the world! ÜÜÜ