Martes, Abril 14, 2015


My journey to ICON Surigao 2015 began from missing two consecutive ICONS in 2013 and 2014. I had a lot of reasons why I wasn't able to make it before, but God knew better. I didn't know that He was up to something bigger and more special for me than any other YFC conference I've been. What I only knew was that, one day, I would be able to wear an ICON delegate ID once again, reunite and get acquainted with a lot of YFCs, listen, participate and ponder to ICON sessions and workshops, and of course, experience the rest of what the Lord has prepared for every ICON participant. Ü

Finally after going against odds to a worth-it-all wait, by confidence in God's love and grace, I found myself being counted to just one of the four thousand YFCs who would be attending for this year's ICON. And what's more, I wasn't only privileged as a delegate but this time, I was humbly called to become part of the Documentation Team as a writer for the first time after almost eight years being in this community. Praise God. Ü

As far as the ICON 2015 theme is concerned which is Love Revolution anchored from the Gospel of John Chapter 21, I am firmly standing on the fact, base on what Rev. Fr. Morallas has shared during his talk on Love Revo Session 1, that there is only one great love revolutionist in the history. It is Jesus Christ. From there, from conception even until this moment that we breathe, we would be able to root the cause of His sacrifice by dying on the cross which is His unconditional love and that's the only thing that is constant in this ever changing world. Ü

Considered as one of the most beautiful Bible verses, I wrote and pinned this on the wall during a YC in Leyte.

Day by day we experience how much the Lord loves us so much. I know that this might have already been said over a couple of times before, but I would just like to echo this irrevocable truth: No matter how or what you are going through right now and even for the coming chapters of your life, the Lord is always there for you. He never leaves your side. Believe me, He is with you through thick and thin. He is the only One who can give you the assurance of an everlasting relationship and companionship. He is your One great love.

Have you ever felt that He no longer cares for you to the extent that you hated the world and felt that you could love no more? Well, you must admit to yourself that it would never become possible. You are only facing a special challenge. A kind of challenge that you were the only chosen one to experience it for the Lord trusts in your abilities, strength, and faith. It is only up to you if you choose to abide in weakness or become a champion.

Another is, you do not have to do anything more just to be favored by the Lord. Just simply recognize Him in every aspect of your life and you will be favored. "For he who finds Me finds life and obtains favor from the Lord." -Proverbs 8:35

Let me share with you some confidential things about me:

The aftermath of ST Yolanda to our humble house.

See that photo above? That was the point of time when my confidence in the Lord weakened. We lost our home, experienced the most unwanted scarcities, lost our loved ones, hated the government, and worst of all, I almost departed from the relationship I had with the Lord brought about by the following unreasonable causes:

1. My parents separated. We instantly became a broken family.;
2. My younger siblings were adopted by our grandparents in Eastern Samar, fearing that they might have been traumatized by the super typhoon and that no one would take care of them. As their Ate, it caused me so much longing and pain for I am not used being away from them;
3. I fell in love with a guy who said he loved me no matter what but after 105 days said Sorry for he only sees me as a friend; and
4. Our Lolo from Papa's side who owned the lot where or house stood for almost 15 years notified us that we could no longer rebuild anew and asked us to immediately leave his place.

I felt broken and dumbfounded. I asked, "Lord, why are You allowing these things to happen? I've been serving You all throughout my life and yet You ignored me when I needed You the most. Do You really love me?" I received no words as answer. Instead, I received blessings.

Despite being homeless and after struggling as a college working student, I graduated with flying colors, landed a secure job in four months after graduation, found the courage to forgive before pain consumed me, and most of all, I received the best gift of all which is reconciliation with my family. Ü

My siblings, Papa and Lola were all present on my graduation day. Ü

I am now able to provide and build a very good foundation in my family, help some YFCs attend conferences by encouraging them and sometimes assisting them financially, sponsor some YFC activities, and more importantly, write and proclaim passionately how great our God is. These are just some of the ways where God is using me to #LoveMore. Ü

Indeed, the Lord works profoundly in our lives. Let's never assume that we are already polished as individuals because He knows better. He never ceases to unleash the best in us. We are destined to be great so we must never underestimate our capabilities. He may take away some things in our lives, but He never fails to provide even more graciously. He may allow us to get hurt and broken, but He is our our ultimate source of real happiness. He is our great Lover and Savior. Ü

It's always a good time and more fun with the Lord. And finally, after all that's been written in this post and soon to be published in this blog, may the Lord be glorified even more. Amen. Ü


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