Miyerkules, Abril 22, 2015

The Feels

Just an hour before I was about to go home and leave the office today, I was handed a memo of reprimand for my strict compliance by the Executive Assistant of our President. It was my first ever memo since I have been employed six months ago.

A new challenge of accepting inevitable fault while not blaming anyone for that matter in whatever way possible. This must be heavy, but I should move on. Ü

Martes, Abril 21, 2015


As composed by our YFC sister in Canada Monica Ponce

Verse 1:
Loving God, You have chosen me
To love You, to serve You
And I can hear Your voice calling out to me
My Father of Awe and Wonder

You are the Holy King of everlasting glory
Take me and lead me to Your cross and to eternity

You're reaching, reaching out to me 

I can feel Your presence dwelling inside of me
I'm seeking, seeking ways to break free
From my sins and failures and praying for Your mercy

Sabado, Abril 18, 2015


Oftentimes in our lives we ask the Lord: "Why let people suffer?"

Suffering is a gift from God where He works out His plans for us. Never ask the Lord to shorten the duration of your hard time. Instead, ask Him to strengthen you while you undergo such moment in your life, lest you have to travel that road again so you may see the wisdom beyond.

"Your sufferings are the kisses of Jesus." -Mother Teresa

Suffering will make us better or bitter. The choice is in us. Ü

Huwebes, Abril 16, 2015

Raptured :)

According to North American Dictionary, rapture means transporting believers to heaven for the second coming of Jesus Christ. Ü

For this year's Tune Up brought to you by the CFC- Youth for Christ Tacloban City Campus-based, we are going to give you an ecstatic experience through a concert which will take you to a level where you and God can converse through singing of worship and  praise. Ü

Tune Up is a one-night concert activity which began last 2011 as one of the major activities every YFC in the Campus-based is looking forward to happen every year. Some leaders even consider it as a mini-Liveloud concert because the songs are mostly taken from Liveloud song tracks and played by the band whose members are YFCs as well. Ü

Do you believe in the second coming of Jesus Christ? So mark your calendars on April 28, 2015, 7 PM, for Tune Up Praise Concert on its 4th wonderful year! Grab your friends, YFC or non-YFC. Admission is for free. Ü

Martes, Abril 14, 2015


My journey to ICON Surigao 2015 began from missing two consecutive ICONS in 2013 and 2014. I had a lot of reasons why I wasn't able to make it before, but God knew better. I didn't know that He was up to something bigger and more special for me than any other YFC conference I've been. What I only knew was that, one day, I would be able to wear an ICON delegate ID once again, reunite and get acquainted with a lot of YFCs, listen, participate and ponder to ICON sessions and workshops, and of course, experience the rest of what the Lord has prepared for every ICON participant. Ü

Finally after going against odds to a worth-it-all wait, by confidence in God's love and grace, I found myself being counted to just one of the four thousand YFCs who would be attending for this year's ICON. And what's more, I wasn't only privileged as a delegate but this time, I was humbly called to become part of the Documentation Team as a writer for the first time after almost eight years being in this community. Praise God. Ü