Biyernes, Marso 27, 2015

Mint Riffs

Yesterday has been a hectic one. So hectic that I couldn't even recall what I actually have done all throughout the day, except for one thing during the night for I had a lot of first times. :)

I was invited to attend a concert of Mint Riffs initiated by Tropang Mikoy where Mikoy himself would be part of. I confirmed that I would attend the said concert and that I would like to buy a VIP ticket. After a few days, some of the organizers of TM contacted me that my ticket is now ready for release.

I felt excited even though the concert was still almost a month to go. The excitement wasn't much more of the reason that I'm a fan of Mikoy, but it was more on the fact that I was craving for something that would be new to me. Something that I haven't done before here in the complicated yet amazing city of Quezon, like attending a concert, meeting new people and seeing great people perform live. Deep inside my frustrated musically-inclined persona, I was really wanting to experience what Mint Riffs has prepared for their audience :)

And the day has come, March 26, 2015. After surviving everything I was supposed to do in the office, I immediately left our building. Truth be told, I was afraid that I might get lost on the way to the venue because I'm still not yet used to travelling alone here because I'm a proud Promdi who grew up in the small yet happy province of Leyte! Haha. And I was also afraid of travelling alone at night especially along EDSA. Huhu. So overcoming my fears, I hurried to ride MRT, drop at Ortigas, ride a jeep to Greenhills, then ta-dan! I found myself standing in front of the music museum! Haha. Gosh. If people only knew that all of those things were great achievements to me. Hooray :)

This is it. I was welcomed by Jessa Wennica who happened to be one of my wonderful friends way back in high school :) Thank God, I was not yet late. Hihi.

A few minutes after, a voice over was heard. "Let us all welcome, Mint Riffs Lipad!"

From production number until their finale performance, they really nailed it all. These guys on stage were worth to watch for. Wow. Just great and awesome and talented. I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed. They sang like angles, hit notes like real divas, danced like G-force, performed like Glee! They were really something special :)

After the show, I couldn't help myself but approach some of them to take pictures and even congratulate them. (Feeling close. Haha.) So guys, Thank You for making the night a night to remember, for sharing your God-given talents, for giving your best, and of course, for inspiring us through your dance and music. :)

I hope to bump with any of you just anywhere accessible. Haha.

To TM especially to Jessa Wennica, thank you! God bless :) Bow

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