Biyernes, Marso 27, 2015

Mint Riffs

Yesterday has been a hectic one. So hectic that I couldn't even recall what I actually have done all throughout the day, except for one thing during the night for I had a lot of first times. :)

I was invited to attend a concert of Mint Riffs initiated by Tropang Mikoy where Mikoy himself would be part of. I confirmed that I would attend the said concert and that I would like to buy a VIP ticket. After a few days, some of the organizers of TM contacted me that my ticket is now ready for release.

I felt excited even though the concert was still almost a month to go. The excitement wasn't much more of the reason that I'm a fan of Mikoy, but it was more on the fact that I was craving for something that would be new to me. Something that I haven't done before here in the complicated yet amazing city of Quezon, like attending a concert, meeting new people and seeing great people perform live. Deep inside my frustrated musically-inclined persona, I was really wanting to experience what Mint Riffs has prepared for their audience :)