Biyernes, Abril 5, 2013

In this particular special day, I want to re post this poem I made way back three years ago, the same year I experienced the most unwanted fate in my life and to other people who got affected emotionally, physically, and who struggled spirituality. As a sign that I've already moved on as what he probably always wanted for me to do, I want to offer once again this simple piece... I am pretty sure that he's already achieved peace and he wants to maintain it eternally. Maybe, I could help him in this way. For you, Biboy :)

There's no way in which I
could address you with more
sincerity of the heart than
just to say I love you.

Being a part of your life was
the best thing that ever
happened to me and I'll
forever keep you in my heart.

Every time you hold me near
and say the words I love to hear,
I feel like the happiest
person alive my dear.

You've always made me feel special
and loved me just the way I am
that's why in my heart,
you'll always be the one.

Trust me that our promise
will forever remain true
and forgetting you would
be so impossible to do.

Forgive me for all the sins
that I did to you especially
for the times when I'm
starting a quarrel with you.

I think no other thought or
message would impress you as
lovingly as saying we all
love and miss you so.

I strongly believe that you're
now in good hands and His
guidance is totally yours
now forever and ever.

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