Martes, Abril 30, 2013

Forsaken yet forgiven

A few people know about this.

When I was younger, I was wrongly accused of something I never committed. Some fearlessly bore false witness against me although they didn't have with them any concrete evidence, still many believed them. I was hurt. REALLY HURT. How could they do that to me? (I had fervently asked myself.) I knew that their accusations weren't true yet I was disregarded, mocked, and threatened even. I knew so well that many people, who has been with me all the while before, became uncomfortable being around me; afraid that maybe, I would do wrong unto them. I was judged and it was killing me to the bones. Worse, nobody gave me the chance to explain for myself, less to talk with me to clarify things at least. I remained silent until the end because of that, knowing that no matter what I'd do, was useless.  I got afraid yet I couldn't get angry at any them, no matter how grave the intensity of disliking they were putting on me.

Little by little, as time passed by, my relationship with these people came back to normal because I have forgiven them with all my heart and soul. I received no 'SORRY', yet I accepted them in my life once again wholeheartedly because I knew that that was the right and the best thing to do. As of today, I am hoping that these people have now ceased to think of the same thing about me and have already realized the truth.

Truly, this is just one of the blurry experiences that I carry from the past. Through this experience that I was able to find who my real confidants and friends are, and I am really, really, grateful to God. I found companions who stood by me along the way, understanding and giving me the best of comfort they could offer for me. I thank the Lord for letting me undergo such phase in my life for I was able to appreciate truly the essence of forgiveness, acceptance and humility.

I had moved on now through the aid of His mighty love and healing. Through Him that I was able to love more and give more, even if it cost bringing up the dark journeys of my life since I can now endure them all. The pain and sorrow were removed and they were replaced with God's unconditional passion and unfathomable love for me, that's why I am returning all the favor and glory unto Him by being of service to my brethren in any way I can.

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