Lunes, Marso 25, 2013

The Graduates

Ate Gladys a.k.a Ebook Girl :)

Kuya Keilee a.k.a Miss K and Ate Criza :)

Kuya Briso and Ate Titay :)

Ate Lesma :)

Ate Minmin and Ate Rita :)

Kuya Baki :)

Kuya Xian Xian :)

Arbee :)

"Greet everyone with loyalty and respect
whether they are your superior, colleague, or subordinate.
If you're in rift with someone, stay away from him;
if you can't, go elsewhere.
Maybe, that would be the best thing to do for now."

"One learns from success as from failure;
One learns from other's successes and failures
so they could do better the next time and
rise from disappointments and defeats."
-Dr. Jaime Laya, CPA

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