Martes, Marso 5, 2013


This post is dedicated to admirable, unforgettable and inspiring people I've ever known and I'd like to greet and congratulate some of them because they deserve it :))

Jelica Nicole Miralles Yu. Congratulations! She's won as one of the senators (top 6) during the recently concluded Paulinian Student Government (PSG) elections under the LEADERS PARTY. She's a YFC, by the way and she's good at playing organ. I've known her since high school although we went to different schools (she finished high school at LVD). Now, she's an SK Chairman in one of the baranggays in Alangalang in which she was awarded as Most Outstanding SK Chairman of the year (I'm not sure when was it exactly) out of 54 other nominees! She's such an amazing friend. Every MWF, we always go home together :))

More trivia: Jelica is a beauty queen title holder as she was crowned Ms. LVD 2010! Way to go, Jel :)))

Mark Lester Lora. Greetings! Belated happy 20th birthday, Marky-kun! :DD. Mark is a very nice friend and a good companion. Just tell him any of your concerns and he would listen to you intently. We've been together since high school along with my some other close friends like Chola, France, Venus and Christine. Mark is a very moody person but you can alter his mood if you just know how to deal with him. He's one of those people who has great influence in me to be addicted to anime and manga. I miss those times when he would talk about his favorite anime movie or anime character (he idolizes L of Death Note. Hehe). Currently, he is in 3rd year BS Chemical Engineering at EVSU main. Again, happy birthday Mark! Lagas kana. XDD

Jolrex Pulma. Just like Mark and Jelica, I've known Jolrex for several years now. He's a very thoughtful and approachable fellow but he's sometimes weird because he likes to mingle with women and he's so talkative. Haha. My favorite moment with him was during our 4th year wherein he was our group leader in  our Research Paper. Although the job was serious, he still could manage to crack some corny jokes and we would laugh at it as if it was really funny :p Today, he serves as a Youth Coordinator and a lector in our Mission Station. He's now a 3rd year BS Accountancy student at UP Tacloban. Happy birthday, Jol! :DD

And lastly....

His name is Johnsean Ayo from Sta. Fe, Leyte, a 5th year BS Accountancy student in our school. Unlike the three above- mentioned individuals, Johnsean and I are not friends. I just came to know him because of his admirable performance as he holds one of the impressive records ever made in our school for his impeccable passing marks with flying colors! Ever since he stepped into college, according to my sources, he has not yet taken any removal exams (Quali, Compre 1, Compre 2, Compre 3, and even in the first half of their Pre- Board Exam). Whatta genius! He's now graduating this month and I expect him to be in the Honor's List. Moreover, he also champions in Chess Tournaments and Math Olympiads. Most students admire him aside from his intellect because he's very kind and humble who likes to stay in the Library a lot and associates nicely to people. Congratulations, Kuya Johnsean and advance happy 21st birthday! :)))

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