Sabado, Marso 23, 2013

Cast a smile spell

I was so thankful that even last week has been very difficult for me, I still had the chance to reflect on some things. Some important thoughts suddenly popped out from my head, thanks to one of the opening themes of Fairy Tail (an anime series revolving around magical guilds). I was watching (for the nth time) the first 100 episodes of this anime until my eyes got nailed on the lyrics of this song.. By the way, the lyrics (in English subtitles ), goes this way...

If it's love and dreams and you know it'll become magical
Now,let's cast a smile spell!
I kind of admired this powerful world, chock- full of problems.
Frozen time has started to move again ever since I met you.
Why were we born? Why do we live?
I don't need any complicated answers.
Laugh! Cry! Be honest with yourself.
Simple feelings are the most important.
You can change those tears on sad nights into strength
Now, let's cast a smile spell!

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