Lunes, Pebrero 4, 2013


True enough, being more than just a student is quite sooooo difficult. Lately, a lot of things randomly and simultaneously happened without me even noticing it. There just came a point when I realized I've been far too much, doing what was necessary and even those that are not; making all things done and finished, yet I'm still unsatisfied; and most especially, compromising most of my time in things that don't even need a pinch of attention. I don't know but I feel that everything was WORTHLESS. Now, I feel that my body is weak and needs ample of rest. The question is, when can I? >.<

The following would add up to my exhaustion this week and for the upcoming week:

1. Semifinals
 -Accounting 106
 -Finance 1
 -Management 5
 -Economics 9
 -Business 3
 -Management 6
 -Typing 2
 -English 4

2. Seminar on (I don't know) XD

3. Rehearsals for the JS Prom (compulsory) >.<

4. Pending reports and papers

I just hope and pray that I would be able to surpass them all without letting my body, mind and soul drowned in too much mental and physical torture :p But then again, favorable destiny is just in my hands. All that I have to do is to do my best; trust in God, my family, my friends and of course, myself.

AJA, Rina! :DD

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