Lunes, Pebrero 11, 2013

Simply blessed

Once in every semester, a student assistant like me is evaluated and given a score from 1-5 of which, 5 being the higest. Evaluation is done in a maximum period of one whole week wherein we are keenly observed without us being informed or noticed about it. Once we receive failing marks in the evaluation, we are automatically subject to scholarship termination but with due process, of course. To me, this is one of the very crucial and delicate phases a student assistant could undergo because we might not know, in the middle of evaluation period, we were doing things that could put our future in danger.

And just today, I received my evaluation form and result based on my performance as a student assistant in the Library  from my supervisor for the semester. When Ate Cecille (our librarian and supervisor at the same time) called me to her office and handed to me my evaluation result, I felt like my heart skipped a minute of beating and the world stopped from revolving. I was so hesitant to look at it, even at least just to touch it. I was afraid that I might see dropping scores in all of the criteria. SIGH...

But, praise God! I got scores no lower than 4! (Big SMILE). I was speechless and grateful. I didn't expect that I would receive such good marks although I wasn't able to get a score of 5, I'm so happy still. :-)))

Therefore, that only means that I'm still a student assistant and a scholar in full (unless I would get a failing final grade in any of my subjects). Hehehe.. Truly, I am simply blessed and may God be praised. :DDD

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