Miyerkules, Pebrero 6, 2013

Dear GOD

Life is difficult
Help me to realize this great truth
and not moan and groan
and complain about my problems
as if life is easy or should be easy.
Teach me to name my problems
to face them squarely,
and to work untiringly
towards solving them
or, if it is not possible,
then to endure them with courage.
Help me to be open to all the ways.
YOU came into my life;
whether as a gentle breeze,
tumultuous earthquake,
or something in between.
May the difficulties I experience
bear only good fruit:
sensitivity, compassion,
patience, humility,
and the growing realization
of my absolute need for YOU.
GOD, I ask for all these things
through Jesus and the gentle,
yet earthshaking power
of the Holy Spirit.

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