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2012 Extraordinary Blessings

JANUARY to FEBUARY    - Built a much closer relationship with my family since my Papa went home for vacation :)

MARCH - I passed all the exams :)

APRIL - I celebrated my 18th birthday :)
- I was able to attend the International Leader's Conference ALMIGHTY in Kalibo Aklan (my 2nd ILC). Praise GOD! :DD

Jump shot during the ILC- Almighty :)))

Pauwi from Kalibo, Aklan :)

Atu-atihan Festival! :D

YFC delegates from Leyte- North Sector :)

MAY - I had my first talk as a speaker during the Sector Conference in Leyte- East Sector :))
- I was also able to attend the Provincial Youth Conference CROSS in Baybay, Leyte (my 3rd PYC). Praise GOD! :DD
- In my summer class, our Research Paper was a success inspite of the short time-span. Thanks to You, my GOD! :))

Group mates in Pamanahong Papel during the summer class :)

North Sector in Baybay, Leyte! :D

YFC Leyte :)))

JUNE - I still qualified in my scholarship for the semester. Praise GOD! :))

JULY - I was blessed to be one of the sharers during the second season of TUNE UP in UP. I shared about the LORD's victory in my studies :))
- I was one of the participants during the first ever ECHO SEMINAR in our campus! :DD
Sharer during the 2nd Tune Up Praise Concert :)

AUGUST - I had the privilege to write an article for yfc.net :)
- Tsamba. I was the third placer in Chess Women in the over-all ranking during our Intramurals of which I represented my most beloved organization in school, the Working Scholar's Organization (WSO)! :DD

3rd Placer in Chess Women during the Intrams 2012 :)

SEPTEMBER - I was able to finish all the Vampire Academy sequels in six installments and a few other novels of my favorite authors like Mary Higgins Clark and Sharon Sala. It was really quite impressive to me especially that I was already busy preparing for our finals by this time :))

OCTOBER - I was able to attend the Regional Youth Conference FAITH FORWARD in Borongan E. Samar (my 4th RYC) where I got the chance and privilege to be part of the facilitator's team for the Social Action and Unity Dancer! :DD

RYC in Borongan! :D

NOVEMBER - I was once again blessed to write an article for yfc.net for the second indescribable time! I know it wasn't  a great and flawless work done, but I was confident that it was done for the glory of GOD, I realized it wasn't bad after all :))
- I was able to watch Breaking Dawn Part Two with my YFC family for the first time! :DD
- I had a wonderful evening swimming at Leyte Park with my collegues in Library Dept. as we celebrated our Christmas Party. It was such a very much colorful and happy evening, a night to remember with great people :))

Shower beside the pool :p

vanity :p

DECEMBER - I celebrated my 5th anniversary as a Youth for Christ! Who would expect me to be active in my service in all these years after all the challenges, fears and doubts? Praise GOD! :DD
- I was able to atted the 3rd Archdiocesan Youth Day (my 1st AYD)! :DD
- My Household in school was blessed to handle the Food Committee during the Youth Camp in Tacloban. Inspite all the struggles that we faced, I am so grateful to the Lord for giving us a wonderful year-ender of our service for the year :))

I'm losing my count. Haha. ALL FOR GOD!! :DD

with my two lovely sisters :)))

Christmas Party :))

with hayskul buddies :DDD

Fellowship :))

Campus Fresh Party 2012 :)

sentimental to me <3

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