Martes, Pebrero 19, 2013

Happy Post-Valentine

  • Funny I just came across with this reading on Valentine’s Day… :)))

  •   Philophobia is the fear of emotional attachment that often leads to expectations that end in disappointment.
  •   Studies show that men often find funny women intimidating- And are often worried they’ll become victims of her loud tongue.
  •  Emotional pain lasts for only 10-20 minutes, anything longer is actually self-inflicted by over thinking, making things worse.
  •   The smarter you are, the easier it becomes to instantly create a sarcastic response to someone’s stupid remark or question.
  • 80% of women ask questions in which they already know the answer to. This is why it’s best to simply tell her the truth.
  •  People who get angry with each other over silly things are usually the ones who care about each other the most.
  •   When people get dumped, for a period of time we love the person who rejected us even more. The brain regions that lit up when we were in a happy union continue to be active.
  •   80% of people pretend to “have never gotten the text” when it’s from someone that annoys them.
  •  When a man stares at another woman for longer than 10 seconds, he wishes she were his.
  •  Hypopituitarism is a rare disorder that doesn't allow a person to feel loved or love others.
  •  It takes 4 seconds of silence to become awkward.
  •   Men can read small prints than women while women can hear well than men.
  •   Song lyrics accounts for over 70% of the information stored in the human brain.
  •   Human behavioral suggests that the best way to get someone’s attention is to stop giving them yours.
  •   The human mind spends up to 85% of its time creating scenarios and imagining things that may never happen.

Lunes, Pebrero 18, 2013

In Your Arms

This is my favorite Liveloud song of all. I hope, the next time I attend a conference, I would hear this song played in the venue or, if possible, someone would play it for me through the guitar though I have the chords. Haha

In your Arms
Living in the dark
Broken and shattered
Ready to give up
And accept defeat


But you’ve come to heal
You’ve come to fill this empty heart
As I come before you
I bow down on my knees


G-B/C-C-D 2x  
And I lift my hands to you Lord,
I surrender And I place my trust to you Lord, Forever
Take me in your arms
Take me in your arms
Take me in your arms


Teach me again not to fail you
Teach me to just trust in you
Now take control of my heart And now In my life be a part

Lunes, Pebrero 11, 2013

Simply blessed

Once in every semester, a student assistant like me is evaluated and given a score from 1-5 of which, 5 being the higest. Evaluation is done in a maximum period of one whole week wherein we are keenly observed without us being informed or noticed about it. Once we receive failing marks in the evaluation, we are automatically subject to scholarship termination but with due process, of course. To me, this is one of the very crucial and delicate phases a student assistant could undergo because we might not know, in the middle of evaluation period, we were doing things that could put our future in danger.

And just today, I received my evaluation form and result based on my performance as a student assistant in the Library  from my supervisor for the semester. When Ate Cecille (our librarian and supervisor at the same time) called me to her office and handed to me my evaluation result, I felt like my heart skipped a minute of beating and the world stopped from revolving. I was so hesitant to look at it, even at least just to touch it. I was afraid that I might see dropping scores in all of the criteria. SIGH...

But, praise God! I got scores no lower than 4! (Big SMILE). I was speechless and grateful. I didn't expect that I would receive such good marks although I wasn't able to get a score of 5, I'm so happy still. :-)))

Therefore, that only means that I'm still a student assistant and a scholar in full (unless I would get a failing final grade in any of my subjects). Hehehe.. Truly, I am simply blessed and may God be praised. :DDD

Miyerkules, Pebrero 6, 2013

Dear GOD

Life is difficult
Help me to realize this great truth
and not moan and groan
and complain about my problems
as if life is easy or should be easy.
Teach me to name my problems
to face them squarely,
and to work untiringly
towards solving them
or, if it is not possible,
then to endure them with courage.
Help me to be open to all the ways.
YOU came into my life;
whether as a gentle breeze,
tumultuous earthquake,
or something in between.
May the difficulties I experience
bear only good fruit:
sensitivity, compassion,
patience, humility,
and the growing realization
of my absolute need for YOU.
GOD, I ask for all these things
through Jesus and the gentle,
yet earthshaking power
of the Holy Spirit.

2012 Extraordinary Blessings

JANUARY to FEBUARY    - Built a much closer relationship with my family since my Papa went home for vacation :)

MARCH - I passed all the exams :)

APRIL - I celebrated my 18th birthday :)
- I was able to attend the International Leader's Conference ALMIGHTY in Kalibo Aklan (my 2nd ILC). Praise GOD! :DD

Jump shot during the ILC- Almighty :)))

Pauwi from Kalibo, Aklan :)

Atu-atihan Festival! :D

YFC delegates from Leyte- North Sector :)

MAY - I had my first talk as a speaker during the Sector Conference in Leyte- East Sector :))
- I was also able to attend the Provincial Youth Conference CROSS in Baybay, Leyte (my 3rd PYC). Praise GOD! :DD
- In my summer class, our Research Paper was a success inspite of the short time-span. Thanks to You, my GOD! :))

Group mates in Pamanahong Papel during the summer class :)

North Sector in Baybay, Leyte! :D

YFC Leyte :)))

JUNE - I still qualified in my scholarship for the semester. Praise GOD! :))

JULY - I was blessed to be one of the sharers during the second season of TUNE UP in UP. I shared about the LORD's victory in my studies :))
- I was one of the participants during the first ever ECHO SEMINAR in our campus! :DD
Sharer during the 2nd Tune Up Praise Concert :)

AUGUST - I had the privilege to write an article for :)
- Tsamba. I was the third placer in Chess Women in the over-all ranking during our Intramurals of which I represented my most beloved organization in school, the Working Scholar's Organization (WSO)! :DD

3rd Placer in Chess Women during the Intrams 2012 :)

SEPTEMBER - I was able to finish all the Vampire Academy sequels in six installments and a few other novels of my favorite authors like Mary Higgins Clark and Sharon Sala. It was really quite impressive to me especially that I was already busy preparing for our finals by this time :))

OCTOBER - I was able to attend the Regional Youth Conference FAITH FORWARD in Borongan E. Samar (my 4th RYC) where I got the chance and privilege to be part of the facilitator's team for the Social Action and Unity Dancer! :DD

RYC in Borongan! :D

NOVEMBER - I was once again blessed to write an article for for the second indescribable time! I know it wasn't  a great and flawless work done, but I was confident that it was done for the glory of GOD, I realized it wasn't bad after all :))
- I was able to watch Breaking Dawn Part Two with my YFC family for the first time! :DD
- I had a wonderful evening swimming at Leyte Park with my collegues in Library Dept. as we celebrated our Christmas Party. It was such a very much colorful and happy evening, a night to remember with great people :))

Shower beside the pool :p

vanity :p

DECEMBER - I celebrated my 5th anniversary as a Youth for Christ! Who would expect me to be active in my service in all these years after all the challenges, fears and doubts? Praise GOD! :DD
- I was able to atted the 3rd Archdiocesan Youth Day (my 1st AYD)! :DD
- My Household in school was blessed to handle the Food Committee during the Youth Camp in Tacloban. Inspite all the struggles that we faced, I am so grateful to the Lord for giving us a wonderful year-ender of our service for the year :))

I'm losing my count. Haha. ALL FOR GOD!! :DD

with my two lovely sisters :)))

Christmas Party :))

with hayskul buddies :DDD

Fellowship :))

Campus Fresh Party 2012 :)

sentimental to me <3

Lunes, Pebrero 4, 2013


True enough, being more than just a student is quite sooooo difficult. Lately, a lot of things randomly and simultaneously happened without me even noticing it. There just came a point when I realized I've been far too much, doing what was necessary and even those that are not; making all things done and finished, yet I'm still unsatisfied; and most especially, compromising most of my time in things that don't even need a pinch of attention. I don't know but I feel that everything was WORTHLESS. Now, I feel that my body is weak and needs ample of rest. The question is, when can I? >.<

The following would add up to my exhaustion this week and for the upcoming week:

1. Semifinals
 -Accounting 106
 -Finance 1
 -Management 5
 -Economics 9
 -Business 3
 -Management 6
 -Typing 2
 -English 4

2. Seminar on (I don't know) XD

3. Rehearsals for the JS Prom (compulsory) >.<

4. Pending reports and papers

I just hope and pray that I would be able to surpass them all without letting my body, mind and soul drowned in too much mental and physical torture :p But then again, favorable destiny is just in my hands. All that I have to do is to do my best; trust in God, my family, my friends and of course, myself.

AJA, Rina! :DD